Sound Model

This is our sound model of 2018 that you can choose


Amara7 (D)  • D / A C D E F G A

As know as D celtic minor, this is a classic scale base on many traditional sound of many countries.



Amara11 (D)  • D / A (Bb) C D E F G A ( C D F)

This scale is extended Amara scale, which add Bb 4 at the bottom notes to make posibility to play more major feeling like Integral, Kerd, Annaziska scale.


Asha7 (F) • F / Bb C D E F G A

This scale can be play as Major mode (main) and  Minor mode (secondary), it can play well with D minor scale, such as Integral, Kurd, Annaziska, Amara.



Equinox9 (F) • F / Ab C Db Eb F G Ab (C Db)

As know as hexatonic scale, This scale changes from major to minor mood. When you play with Ding > F Aeolian/ Minor .    Play with Ab >     Ab Ionian/ Major 


F Equinox 11 •  F / (G) Ab C Db Eb F G Ab ( C Db Eb)

This Equinox can be play in Pygmy mode when playing bottom notes.


Din7 •  D/  A Bb C E F G A

This scale is close to Integral scale.


Scale Din and TalayMok
D / A Bb C E F G A  (Left)
F / C D E F G A C D  (right)


Isanica (F minor) pentatonic  • F / (Ab) Bb C Eb F Ab Bb C (Eb)



YshaSavitah8 • C# / G# C C# D# F F# G# C#