Currently we create 3 sizes of MUTA to fufill the possibility of playing. These are feature scales you can ore order, or if you prefer custom scale please contact us.

You also can check our scale update and variation at our

YouTube channel.

Size plays an important role for some notes also Helmholtz sound to match each scale in the handpan making the construction. To achieve the best sound quality on each scale, we now create 3 sizes for MUTA.

MUTA56 Bigger size is created for the best bass sound such as F2, and it also bring more space to created Mutant pan for example B2 or C3 scale. This size can be fit in an Evatek bag large size, weight around 4.8-5.0 kg.

MUTA53 The most popular size for handpan in the world right now, this size is good for both beginner and professional players. Weight around 4.7 kg, fit in Evatek bag medium.

Mini MUTA47 Like an Ukulele, this Mini47 not only a good start for beginner but also advance player when adding bottom notes. The smaller size and lightweight is best choice when traveling and good for ergonomic movement for small body person. Weight around 3.6 kg, fit in

Check our latest scale update and variation at our channel.

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