Sound Model

There are 2 sizes for MUTA,

MUTA53 is 53 cm. (standard size) weight around  4.0 kg

MUTA50 is 50 cm. (Hang size)  weight around 3.5 kg.

And this is our sound model of 2018 that you can choose


F Din 9 – F • C  Db  Eb  F  G  Ab  C  Db  Eb

Din is the family of Integral, JaiLoy, very close to AnnaZiska and Kerd scale. This F minor mode can be played with F Equinox or Ab major.  Mainly chords are  Fm , Ab , Cm , Db and Eb



F Din9 with tripple F •  F  / C Db Eb F G Ab C Eb F 



E La Sirena 10  • E  /  G  B  C#  D  E  F#  G  B  ( C#   D )



C# Ysha Savitah 8 • C#  /  G#  C  C#  D#  F  F#  G#  C#



F Equinox 8 • F / G# C C# D# F G G# C



G Integral 8 (G)  •  G  /  D  Eb  F  G  A  Bb  D  F

This scale know as classic Integral or JaiLoy , closed to Annaziska.

It can be switch from D minor to F major mode.

D Amara 7 (D)  • D / A C D E F G A

As know as D celtic minor, this is a classic scale base on many traditional sound of many countries.

D Amara 11 (D)  • D / A (Bb) C D E F G A ( C D F)

This scale is extended Amara scale, which add Bb 4 at the bottom notes to make posibility to play more major feeling like Integral, Kerd, Annaziska scale.

F Sabai 7 (F) • F / Bb C D E F G A

This scale can be play as Major mode (main) and  Minor mode (secondary), it can play well with D minor scale, such as Integral, Kurd, Annaziska, Amara.

F Equinox 11 •  F / (G) Ab C Db Eb F G Ab ( C Db Eb)

As know as hexatonic scale, This scale changes from major to minor mood.

This Equinox can be play in Pygmy mode when playing bottom notes.

Scale Din and TalayMok
D / A Bb C E F G A  (Left)
F / C D E F G A C D  (right)