Sound Model

Edit_ONS_8792_WEB1170Size plays an important role for some notes also Helmholtz sound to match each scale in the handpan making the construction. To achieve the best sound quality on each scale, we now create 3 sizes for MUTA.

MUTA56  Bigger size is for the best bass pan and brings more space to put more notes for creating a complex song, can be fit in Evatek bag medium and large size,  weight around  5.0 kg.

MUTA53  The most popular size for handpan in the world right now, this size is good for both beginner and professional players. Weight around  4.0 kg, fit in Evatek bag medium.

MUTA50  This size is to create the best Bb4 notes on some scale, the smaller size is also good for carrying while traveling and good for ergonomic movement for small hand people. Weight around 3.5 kg fit in the Evatek bag medium and the Evatek Turtle.

And this is our sound model of 2019 that you can choose


F2 Pygmy 10   F2 / C3 F3 G3 Ab3 C4 Eb4 F4 G4 (Ab4 C5) (2019)
(Gu tune with high C)



C# Amara 11 (C# minor) – C# / (E) G# (A) B C# D# E F# G# (B) C# (2019)


D Ratikarn 10 (D minor) – D / G A (Bb) C D E F G A (C) (2019)


D Jailoy (D minor) – D / A Bb C D E F A C (2019)


D Mystic (D minor) – D / A Bb D E F A C D (2019)


F Low Pygmy 8 (F minor) – F / G Ab C Eb F G Ab C (2019)


F Din 9 (F minor)  with triple F •  F  / C Db Eb F G Ab C Eb F  (2019)


F Din 13 (F minor)  (Db Eb) F / (G Ab) C Db Eb F G Ab C Eb F  (2019)


F Talaymok 12 (F major) •  F  / (A) Bb C D E F G A C D E (F) (2019)


Sabye 11 (E major) •  E  / (G#) A B C# D# E F# G# A (B) E (2019)

(Sabye , Talaymok and Asha scale is the same family)



G Integral 11 (G Minor) • (Eb F) G / D Eb F G A Bb D Eb F (2019)


Scale Din and TalayMok on 50 cm. (Prototype/2018)
D / A Bb C E F G A  (Left)
F / C D E F G A C D  (right)



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