This sound sculpture is the sensitive instrument sculpt by hand hammering so it can be detune if the player play too hard or hitting by something. From our experience while traveling with handpan both by plane, car, boat and bike for more than 5 years, we found that the instruments can be detune easily if not carefully choose the right bag with the right treat.

Now MUTA studio provide the Evatek (Semi hard case) from Hardcase Technologies (Italy) which provide best protection and comfort for travel.


1CF6EF88-1D42-4757-85C5-3EA4527D210AFor more fully protection bags and comfortability while transport with your handpan, we highly recommend Evatek from  Hardcase Technologies. You can use this base ( size M) carry on the airplane almost every airline except just only small airplane. If you want to load your handpan as luggage Hardcase Technologies also provide the best flight case for handpan.

850C1360-139B-4A99-8D8C-4A8EBBD578AAWhile you use Evatek, no worried which side to lay down your pan or a small bumping in everyday case, if can protect you handpan very well, just be careful around zip part, do not attack the zip part hardly.

price : 7,000 Baht ( please contact us for color option)

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