What is the size, weight and material of MUTA?

  • Currently MUTA dimension are 50 cm.inside diameter / 52.5 cm. outside rim. It is weight around 3.5 kilogram.
  • MUTA are built from heat-treated Stainless steel sheet, 1.2 mm. on top shell and 1.0 or 1.2 mm. on bottom shell. Sunk and tune by hands.

Can MUTA get rust? How to take care of this delicated instruments?

Many of handpans are made from cold rolled steel sheet, usually nitrided to protect rust. Some use raw steel treated with special coating. We need to clean this material occasionally with alcohol and apply oil to protect rust.

But MUTA are made from Stainless steel(STL), which is different from other steel, it will get rust if it NOT contact with Oxygen (air, water). So Do Not apply any oil, coating or permanent sticker on STL pan.

Same as any steel, it can get rust if contact with strong acid or alkaline matter, so we recommend to wipe the surface with microfiber cloth every time after playing, and if contact with sweat/or playing at seaside area, using clean water or alcohol to wipe off the strain will keep STL from rust.

If rust appear, you can use Stainless Steel polishing cream to wipe off rust, follow by water.

How can I learn to play these sound sculptures? 

Some beginner practice their skill by watching videos on Youtube. Some skillful players also have their channel /workshop for both beginner and advance lesson. And there are also many tutorials, free and paid, to learn online and also via Skype, these are the examples;

Kabeção Rodrigues https://m.facebook.com/kabecao.handpan/

David Charrier  https://masterthehandpan.teachable.com/

David Kuckhermann  https://www.handpandojo.com/p/complete-handpan-dojo-bundle

Colin Foulke            https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLJ0DUQTMYEC4EzAfUQ45h_iPSWKNO-jTR&v=Clk3Rl7kMlU&feature=youtu.be

Do you ship worldwide ? 

Even we recommend you to test and try MUTA at our studio before purchase, we do accept order and shipping worldwide, please see details at Acquiring MUTA.