Our MUTA Bag are carefully design from our travelling experience with handpans, the size can fit 50-54 cm handpan size and can go through pass the scan machine at every airport easily, also fit in almost every overhead aircraft bin. The weight is just only 2.5 kilograms.


PrintInside the outer layer fabric there are hard PE Sheet and PE Foam which can protect small impact.

PrintBag support sheet can be easily removeable for cleaning and reducing weight if you like.

36275424-F2BD-40B6-9D7D-10A75750A169Inside the bag there are also 2 sheets of  1/2 inch Foam for the best notes protection.

Out MUTA semi soft bag price are 3,000 Thai bath.


For more fully protection bag we recommend you Evatek case from Hardcase Technologies. They also provide the best flight case for handpan.