Acquiring MUTA – How to buy or order



Price ranges for MUTA Handpan are from around 45,000 Thai Bath depend on size and notes, please contact us for more details.

** Price is not including Handpan bag, shipping fee , Paypal Transaction fee 4.4% and imported TAX fee at your country.

How to buy or Order

Our workshop is based in Chonburi, Thailand (80 km. from Bangkok). You can visit to try and pick up your Handpan here (recommended) or we can ship them to you.

GPS to Our location :

We try to stock some scales we made in our workshop so you can try before making a decision, please contact us for arranging our time to test and try.

If you would like to order and/or ship your MUTA to your address you can request by sending us a mail to with this information;

• Subject : ORDER MUTA

• Your Full Name

• Your Email Address

• Shipping address and Phone Number (don’t forget your postal code)

• Your choice of scale/size/number of notes and any other requests you may have if you wish to do so. If you choose an existing scale, please copy/paste the name of the scale from the sound model page. If it is a custom scale please inform every note clearly.

We will reply and let you know when we can start building your handpan as well as give you an estimate of when it will be finished as soon as possible.

How do I know which scale to choose

About the scale, Now we are exploring the art of scale. You can check the scale in our Sound model.

If you want to order a custom scale please send us your scale information clearly and we will contact you again.

Case • BAG


For more information about Case and Bag we provide please check : Case• BAG



We prefer people to pick up your MUTA Handpan in person at our workshop in Chonburi, however, shipping can be arranged. We will ship MUTA Handpan in our semi-soft bag, protected packaging (if no bag) or in Evatek hard case from Italy.

Estimated Shipping Fee EMS From Thailand post (3-7days)

Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, China 3,100 Thai Baht

Southeast Asia 2,750 Thai Baht

Australia 4,750 Thai Baht

India 3,850 Thai Baht

Middle East 4,750 Thai Baht

European Country, New Zealand 5,580 -7,100 Thai Baht

The United States, Canada 6,800 Thai Baht

**** Please contact us directly for an accurate shipping fee.

****Please be aware that a shipped Package will cause customs and/or VAT and/or other charges depending on your address, some details are below

Paypal Transaction Fee

If you prefer to order and pay by PayPal, 4.4% transaction fee will be add to the total price, please contact us for more information.

Custom Duty/ VAT / import tax or other charges  

Customers have to pay any tax by themselves after the order arrives at their country. Our products are built in Thailand, so, if you place an order from us, normally, it means you “import musical instrument from Thailand”

Normally, after the package lands on your country, your custom will estimate your tax which base on your instrument value (we declare order value to custom), the procession calls “Custom Clearance”. They will contact you if you need pay tax ( that is why we need your phone number ), you may need pay tax to custom directly or pay to FedEx/DHL/UPS, etc delivery agency alternatively before you can get your package.

This is our Data for taxes and duties

Germany 19 %

Japan 5%

Right now, the MUTA team is just On and Hon. We two make everything from flat stainless steel sheet mostly by our hands. The process of making one complete instrument takes 5-6 weeks or more depend on many factors and we still can make just only 2-3 instruments per month. You can follow our journey on our facebook page.  And you can contact us via our contact  form or our email:

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